About Me

Sarah is my name and getting fit is my game!  Hi my name is Sarah, former high school athlete.  I never had a problem with playing hooky or getting in trouble through my school years.  In fact I would try my hardest to attend school even when I was sick due to the fact that if I missed school I would miss playing in a game.  I played all sports offered by my school; basketball, volleyball, track, softball, and cheerleading.  Loved, loved, loved getting sweaty, lifting weights, and running my butt off. Also, I was very social.  My friends and I loved to go for walks, hang at the lake in our bikinis, and laugh over and over again.  Nothing could get in my way. I was on top of the world, filled with confidence and ambition.

Fast forward to 2013.  I am a mother of four and a year away from getting my associate’s degree in nursing.  I thoroughly enjoy both my four beautiful children and my career path.  But, something is missing.  Me!  Somewhere along the way I lost who I am as a person.  Most of the time the only laughs that come from me are from something my children did that was hilarious.  Yes, those are the best laughs, but I can’t help but think I am simply “Mom” now.  I only put pictures of my children on my Facebook page or old pictures of me from high school and I don’t attend high school reunions out of shame. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mommy.  I strive every day to be the best mother and I am proud of my beautiful babies, but my confidence has gone down the tubes. I’m not that fit, cool mom I always said I would be.  I gained 20 #s with each child, so if you do the math that is 80#s. My current weight is 230#s and climbing. Pretty much all the time I walk around in baggy sweat pants and t-shirts.  The “pretty clothes” are just not comfortable anymore when I don’t fit in them right.  I don’t like attending a lot of social events because that would require me to wear something other than sweat pants and I usually end up going home feeling bad about myself.  So to fix that, I avoid these events all together.  Does that sound like the girl I was talking about earlier?  In my head, I see myself seven years ago a skinny girl in a bikini.  But then, I look in the mirror and there is this heavy girl that I do not recognize and do not want to be!

The truth is, I do not want to lose weight only for vanity or the way it is interfering with my social life.  This is something I didn’t understand when I was thin:  It hurts to be fat!  And I’m not talking just emotionally.  I am saying it is physically painful to be heavy!  Even when I first wake up in the morning I notice the difference.  My hips, back, and knees are throbbing and it’s like my muscles are screaming out to be exercised.  I learned in my first year of nursing that every pound gained is equal to 3 pounds on your knees.  So, according to my knees, I have gained 240 pounds!  I mentioned earlier I am in nursing school and I have been a certified nurse’s aide for seven years.  I now go home in pain when I have been on my feet for hours and hours when, even after my first two children, it wasn’t a problem.  So yes, I am also losing weight to be a great nurse!  To not only use my brain, but also my ability to physically help the ill or forlorn. Also, it shouldn’t hurt to go play outside with my children and I should have enough energy at 26 years old.  But the fact is, I don’t.  To be the best mom I can be, I need to be healthier.  I want it to change now!

While pursuing my nursing career I have learned many diseases which risk factors include obesity.  Type II diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and kidney stones can all be caused by obesity. So, when I look back at my family’s medical history, there is heart disease, type II diabetes, and obesity.  These both being horrible, debilitating, chronic diseases I am going to do everything in my power to avoid developing them.  So, I don’t drink and I don’t smoke tobacco, but I am very overweight.  The point I am trying to make is I need to lose some poundage!

Now, I have tried after every child to lose the body weight.  This time I am not going to fail.  I have added in an AdvoCare challenge and this blog to keep me accountable.  If you would like to join me in my challenge, see the information on the Get Fit with Me page.  Let’s do this!

This is my weight loss journey!  I am going to lose weight by eating right, exercising, and taking in nutrition from AdvoCare.  Please join me in my quest, either by just keeping me accountable or maybe you relate to me and want to do this with me!  Who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds, tone up, and gain a lot of energy?  Let’s become fit together!

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