Results are In

Here are my results of the 24 day challenge!  But this is just the beginning folks!  I’m going to grab some more AdvoCare products and keep losing inches!

Chest  45 1/2″    to    42″

Waist  45 1/2″   to   41″

Hip  50″    to   47 1/2″

Thigh  25 1/2″    to   22″

Weight  224.4 lb   to   214lb

IMG_0585[1]IMG_0584[1]IMG_0599 IMG_0600Before:

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6 Responses to Results are In

  1. Kate says:

    Wow Sarah you are doing awesome! So inspiring! Keep it up!!!

  2. Sarah, you look so good!!! Do you really us Avocare products??? Whatever your doing is working GREAT!!! Good for you!

  3. Brea Hostetler says:

    You seriously rock Sarah! Keep up the amazing work!

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