Don’t be Ignorant

speed bumpsThey say ignorance is bliss, but when it comes to weight loss knowing is better.  Just because a food label advertises itself as healthy doesn’t necessarily mean it is best for you in your weight loss journey.  Read labels with scrutiny to know the sugar and calorie content.  Also the ingredients should make sense.  If there is a name you don’t recognize, you probably shouldn’t eat it!

If a treadmill or an elliptical machine tells you that you have burned X amount of calories, it would not be accurate without knowing how much you weigh and how fast your heart is beating.  A better way to measure how much you are burning would be with a heart rate monitor.

The best way to measure results is with the measuring tape!  Do not limit yourself to what the number is on the scale.  Sometimes we get wrapped up in what our number is, but seriously we are not walking around with a neon sign above our head with our number of pounds.  But we will be walking around with how we look with the naked eye.  It is obvious when you lose inches and people will notice.  Pounds are not accurate if you are exercising, because you are building lean muscle which is more dense and weighs more than flabby fat.  Also, if you quit drinking caffeine found in sugary pops and coffee it could make the pounds fluctuate.  Caffeine is a diuretic which makes you pee.  It may take your body a little bit of time to adjust to not having that and may make you retain water for a short amount of time.

Weight takes as much time to lose it as it does to gain it.  Time is just more obvious when you are trying to lose because it takes hard work and dedication.  You can eat what you want and sit on the couch when you are gaining.  This seems easier, but how does it make your body feel?  Just plain yucky!  Please look ahead.  Remember how you feel after eating something fatty or sugary.  Like you’re in a food coma.  Now think how you feel after exercising and eating something healthy.  Like you are on top of the world.  Just think when people start to notice.  It will take them a while because they can’t feel it like you.  They can only see it, but when they do you will be so pleased.  So if it took you 3 months to put on 30 lbs., it might take you 3 months to get rid of it.

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